The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is extraordinarily cuddly, when it is in that mood – which it often is. It does not know what leg to stand on, when asking for a cuddle, and therefore it often jumps up and lies around the neck of the owner, stretches its neck to get really close in order to be cheek to cheek with its owner.

The Abyssinian is very closely attached to its owner, and shows its confidence and devotion in several ways, for example by laying on the back in your lap, inviting you to give it a cuddle.

The Abyssinian is intelligent – perhaps the easiest breed to dressage, for example it happily brings back small things you throw to it, and you can easily teach it to walk in a leach.

The Abyssinian has an amazing mimic. You can easily tell by its face what it thinks about the situation. If for once you do not understand what it is saying, it clearly indicates that you are a bit stupid. It is very good at helping out in the house – assisting you changing the sheets, and if you do not tie the knots well enough it will loosen them for you – so that you can try again It also checks underneath to see if the covers are smooth underneath – (which they then no longer are.)

Housework takes longer, but it is much more fun. Who else has as much fun as the Aby when it is time to change the sheets?

The Abyssinian loves to play with water, as long as it is in charge of the pace. If you let water run from the tap it will try to catch it, and during its efforts it might well get soaked without taking any notice.

An Abyssinian stays playful all its life. Other breeds only play when they are young, but it is fun to see an older Abyssinian chase a table tennis ball round the house.

It is amazing how tolerant the Abyssinian is with children. A child can take it for a ride in a dolls wagon or carry it around for a long time.

When the lights are out the Abyssinian races you to the bedroom to make sure that it gets the best spot in the bed. It likes sleeping in your arms or under the covers. If you let your Abyssinian run outside, it will normally stay close to the house and it will not stay away for long.

An Abyssinian purrs a lot. If you look at it lovingly or talk to it, the little engine will start.

(copyright Lillian Misuli)