Cats (in English)

I am very fond of animals, but the only animal I have had, was a rabbit, when I was a child. When I thought about getting an animal, I chose the cat, because cats had always fascinated me.

I did as many others before me, I went to the library and borrowed several books about cats. I wanted to read about the breeds and everything else I had to know before I got a cat.

When I was done with the reading, I had found 3 breeds that I liked: the Abyssinian, the Russian Blue and the Siamese. I read a bit more about them, and decided to go for the Abyssinian. It was the perfect pet and also the one with the best look.

I have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt. So the story about the Abyssinian also helped me to decide. I have read, that the Abyssinian was the breed the ancient Egyptians held as pets.
Next step was to see the cat – eye to eye. I called a breeder and made an appointment. It was love a first sight. I wanted to have them all!

I began with Casey, a couple a months later I got Bella and then Bandit. All 3 of them have fully lived up to my expectations. They are cuddly, fun to be with and just adorable. They share my life and participate in almost everything I do.

Casey’s real name is Casey van Het Abbyhuis.
(import from Holland by Bodil & Michael Floto, Khartoum)

Casey was put to sleep in July 2007.

Casey was an “adult” when I bought him. It has been a good experience, he had good manners, when I got him.
Casey really likes to cuddle. He stays very close to me all day, if he can. When I go to bed at night, he jumps in too.
He is always hungry. Everybody asks me all the time “Do you feed him enough?” Just ask me how many times I have heard that!

He likes to play with water. The kitchen floor is often wet, when he has been drinking water (he drinks with his feet, I guess).

Bella’s real name is Sundisk Bella Donna
(Bred by Lis Dahlstrøm, SUNDISK Abyssinians)

Bella was put to sleep in July 2007.

Bella is a quiet cat, she doesn’t say much. She likes to cuddle in the morning, especially on Sundays! She has a very beautiful face, with a look of innocence, but don’t let her fool you, it’s just a look!!!
Her motto is: “Plants! That’s something you dig in”.

Bandit’s real name is Fletcher’s Giovanni.
(bred by Vivi Fletcher, Fletcher’s Abyssinians)

Bandit was put to sleep in 2001.

The name was quite right, if there was something that was not allowed, then he did it!
He was very fond of people, even strangers. He liked to cuddle. If he was laying on my lap, he would not move an inch unless I pushed him down.

He talked a lot. Not the normal “Miavv” more like “Mrrrrr” (all the day I think). I got used to it. In the beginning I was thinking about buying a muzzle to him 😉